Gallery & Video

The History of the String Band Filmed at London’s Musical Tradiitions Club the New Deal String Band ended their two sets with a medley of tunes illustrating the evolution over two centuries of American string-band music. Ben Paley starts with solo fiddle on Glory In The Meeting House, joined by Robin Gillan for a banjo-fiddle duet on Grub Springs. Then for Sugar In The Gourd, Joe Locker’s guitar completes the traditional “f-b-g” lineup, the nucleus of bluegrass bands and of much classic country music.
Teardrops Falling in the Snow A country song by E.C.McCarty first recorded by Molly O’Day in 1949. Joe Locker leads and plays autoharp, with Robin Gillan on guitar and Ben Paley on fiddle. Joe learned it from Rod Davis, and with Robin accompanied Kate Lissauer on it for her solo CD.
Croquet Habit Ben Paley fiddles and sings on this song learned from his father Tom. It is one of many related prohibition era songs such as Cocaine Blues, Take A Drink On Me, etc. Robin Gillan is on banjo, Joe Locker is on guitar.
Grey Cat on the Tennessee Farm Ben Paley leads on this old Uncle Dave Macon song, with Robin Gillan on banjo and Joe Locker on guitar. At London’s Musical Traditions Club November 2019.