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  • Fri

    Musical Traditions Club

    8pm - 11pm

    The King and Queen
    1 Foley Street
    London W1W 6DL

    This is one of the great London folk clubs, and we're very pleased to have been booked. It's bound to be a great night!

    The club's web site is here... if you live anywhere nearby you might consider supporting live music by going along more regularly!

  • Sun

    London Fiddle Convention

    Cecil Sharp House
    2 Regents Park Road
    London NW1 7AY

    This is a wonderful and diverse celebration of the fiddle in all sorts of music. There are workshops at 4:00pm: Robin will be teaching Old Time style while Ben will be looking at Swedish music. And of course, the three of us will be taking part in the evening's concert.

    The conventions website is at for more details and ticket information.